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Additions Add Value

Value to your home. Value to your life. Value to spending more time with family and friends. An addition can add so much value in so many aspects of your life that you’ll wonder how you went without it! Hire the right people. Describe your vision. Watch it come to life. That’s all it takes.

And Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC can handle it all!

Our company has been building additions in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa for decades. We have the resources and skilled personnel to bring even the most elaborate addition to life, down to the smallest details.

Need HVAC, plumbing, and electrical? We know the best in the business! Want to build an outdoor bar and grill area that can be closed off in the winter? Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC can make it happen for you. Everything - from an extra playroom for the kids to $250,000 patios and beyond -  is within your reach when you work with us, guaranteed.

Best of all, you never have to leave the house while the work is being done! Our company takes special care to discuss all the plans with you, confine our working space to the addition area, and keep things clean and tidy to ensure the best experience, and the highest quality results with every single project.   

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