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Complete Barn Restorations

For some people in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, a barn is the oldest thing on the farm. Their great grandparents built it when they began farming, and they want to keep it. Sometimes, it is their main storage facility, and they need it for the livestock, machinery, or valuable crops. Whatever the reason is for their renovations, Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC is here for all our customers. We give expert advice and labor for all kinds of projects, from start to finish.

Our local company does various forms of renovations and repairs - from steel beam replacements to wood refurbishing and more. Whether your barn is brand new or been in the family for generations, we can make it stronger than ever before. Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC manufactures our own steel paneling at our facilities in Wisconsin and delivers them to your site without a costly middle-man (who will charge you more). We will safeguard your investment and help you get many more years out of your existing structure, no doubt about it.

You’re paying taxes on your existing barn or storage structure, anyways. Why not get all the use out of it that you can?!

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