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Flat Roofing

Many of the issues that come from a flat roof have to do with the lack of slope. A flat roof is flat. It promotes standing water and it doesn’t allow for runoff. But, very often, it is the easiest and most popular type of roof for commercial constructions.

Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC has the skills to provide you with a flat roof renovation that is effective, affordable, and dynamic! Our treatments allow for rainwater to run off of your roof, or to be collected for later use in agriculture. The patented roof membranes that we use are built around roof protrusions (A/C, HVAC, ventilation, etc), and create a seamless application that can save you more in repair and replacement costs.


We provide some of the most superior coating and paneling systems for your flat roof, from the best names in the business. Midwest 

Conklin, Mule-Hide – if you want exceptional quality for your roof repair, don’t trust some fly-by-night operation you’ve never heard of, call Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC and get work - and warranties – you can trust.

Working with our local company, you will get a flat roof renovation that fits your needs, right down to the color you choose. Midwest can adjust the reflectivity of the coating for you, and create higher levels of protection against weather and temperature if that is what you truly need.


For more information about Stone Coated Steel, or to schedule your FREE personalized estimate with us, please call Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC at 800-551-8251

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