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Steel AG Panels

Panels for Every Purpose

Steel panels first gained popularity for use on agricultural and commercial buildings due to their low maintenance and cost. Also known as an exposed fastener roof, steel ag panels have started to become a popular solution for residential projects as well. Steel panels can be a stylish and cost-effective way to protect your residential and commercial buildings.

Our steel panels are created in-house by our manufacturing company, Midwest Metal Forming, using top-rated steel. The Panels are covered with Valspar paint for added durability and a superior, personalized look. Midwest Metal Forming offers 19 colors that can complement the exterior of your home and give you a unique long-lasting roof. 

Without proper installation, the durability of the panels themselves will only get you so far. If you are looking for peace of mind, you need to call the roofing experts – you need to call Midwest Roofing and Construction.  


For more information about our reliable, cost-effective, durable AG Paneling, or to schedule your own FREE estimate with us, please call Midwest Roofing & Construction LLC at 800-551-8251.

"Metal roofing is now very much in fashion not only for the timeless design and style it offers but for its lasting value when it comes to home protection, reducing environmental impacts and reliable performance.” 
- Metal Roofing Alliance
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